We are now offering a number of grocery items for sale in our store.  Please call or email to let us know if there is something you need and we will let you know if we can help. 

Organic All Purpose Flour 

This is the flour we use for most of our scratch made in store baking. We have packaged in bags of approximately 2 kg 

Gluten Free All Purpose Flour

This flour is used in our gluten free baking and is mixed in store from our own recipe. Package of approximately 1.5 kg 

12 Grain Sandwich Bread

We use this Whole Grain Bread for cold sandwiches on our lunch menu. It is an unsliced loaf baked in store from a premade dough. 

Gluten Free Bread 

We Bake these in store from scratch using our own recipe. Sold as sliced frozen loaves

Wrap It Up Raw Wraps

7" Organic, vegan, gluten/wheat/dairy free raw wraps. 6 per package. These healthy wraps are made in Niagara and loaded with fiber. The main ingredients are carrots and ground flax seed.

Coffee Beans.

All of our Organic Fair Trade coffees that we brew in store are available in 454 gram bags. We can grind if needed. 
Our Decaffeinated beans use the chemical free swiss water process.


We are offering bags of loose tea in most varieties. We can also provide you with individual teabags that can be used with loose tea.

Spices and Yeast

We have a variety of spices in our kitchen as well as yeast for baking. Let us know what you are looking for and we will help if we can

Niagara Habanero Sauces and Marinades 

Spice up your home cooking with hot pepper sauces grown and made in Niagara!

150 ml sauce heat level 3: Habanero  
150 ml sauce heat level 4: Ghost, Moruga Red, Scotch Bonnet, Trinidad Yellow
150 ml sauce heat level 5: Scorpion 
210 ml Jerk Marinade Mild